Artist Statement

Art has always been my universal language, allowing me to express emotions and
thoughts without the need for words. From a young age, I felt a deep connection to art,
as it provided a means for me to explore and question the social structures and norms
that surrounded me.

Growing up in a society where gender-based responsibilities and opportunities were
rigidly defined, I couldn’t help but question the origins and validity of these rules. I
wondered who had created them and why I should blindly adhere to them. I observed
the stark differences between what was expected of a boy child and a girl child, and I
yearned for the freedom to pursue the path of my choosing.

My aspirations often seemed absurd, surreal, and utopian in the context of my society. I
lived my life in a realm of dreams, constantly seeking out new paths and challenges that
could transform the seemingly impossible into the possible. In doing so, I not only
connected with my own inner self but also aimed to challenge and reshape the societal
rules that differed from one culture to another.

In my art practice, I focus on themes such as social relations, existence, identity, body,
nature, surroundings, surrealism, absurdity, and humor. Through my artworks, I strive to
construct, reconstruct, and alter the perspectives of my thoughts. I manifest these
thoughts in a positive manner, aiming to spread that positivity to viewers.

My recent artworks depict overlapping stories, blending together various emotions,
thoughts, dreams, and beliefs of mine. On a blank canvas, I play with colors, forms, and
shapes, allowing them to interact freely. These forms exist without dominance, forging
connections that resemble conversations or narratives of personal experiences. The
stories and languages conveyed in my art transcend specific meanings, inviting viewers
to interpret and engage with them on their own terms. Some of my works are layered,
representing multiple levels of experience.

Freedom is the essence of my creative practice. I believe in breaking boundaries,
embracing the present moment, and living without regret or constraints. When I
approach a blank canvas, I do so with a free and nonjudgmental mind, allowing my
thoughts to take abstract forms. In this process, I feel alive, sensing that the colors I
apply to the canvas are imbued with the power to move towards my soul.
Ultimately, my art is a celebration of the boundless possibilities that exist beyond
societal limitations. It is an invitation to explore, question, and reshape our perspectives.
Through my work, I aim to inspire others to embrace their own freedom, challenge
existing norms, and connect with their deepest selves.